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Hello guys,
First of all, if I had this idea odds are at least 100 other people have had it too so if y'all can point me in their direction and see how they have applied it, I would be thankful. I have been getting into neural networks a lot lately, and one of my first thoughts was to use them for the forex market. The main issue I ran into, however, was how to present the data to the NN.
The thing most, if not all, examples I have read do is that they use an x number of previous candles + an indicator of some sort and maybe pairing it with another coin or some other variable to predict the next candle's closing price, or high, or low. After giving it a shot myself, it has been lackluster at best, and a complete failure at worst.
The idea I have been thinking about was the following: use the previous x candles and indicators and other pairs and whatever not to predict the next candle, but to instead predict if at some point, any point, in the future, the price will rise by a certain amount (say 100 pips), or drop by that same amount.
If we had a chart with the data for each candle (OHLC, an indicator's value, and another pair's value at that moment in time, for instance, all of which can be obtained from TradingView), and we associated with each candle a 1 if the first thing that happens at some point in the future is that it goes up by, say, 50 pips, or a 0 if the next thing that happens is that it goes down by 50 pips, then the neural network could be trained to predict based on the past if you trade on this candle, the price will go up by 50 pips in the future, in which case you enter the trade with a take-profit of 50 pips, and a SL of 50 pips, or if it will decrease by 50 pips in the future, in which case you do the opposite.
That's the idea. If anyone's done it before, I would appreciate a link to their work, and if anyone thinks this is dumb, do tell me too.
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